Structural measures

Sometimes the personal help is not enough.

If our workers are exposed to a particular risk, then perhaps Structural must be performed to ensure that our helper can help you safely.

In some places the access to be able to help at all lack. The roads are too narrow, or simple wooden bridges are crumbling or already destroyed.

These are Exemplary Structural we take to be able to ensure our auxiliary power safely.

But the construction of schools and pre-school or any interest therein is possible, if this measure is a significant improvement for the future of the needy.

In particularly difficult cases, the unitedhumans will not, under certain conditions, the operation costs. In general, it is ensured that the community can pay the monthly operating costs. In some cases, can take place, a sharing that is, the community and the unitedhumans bear the costs jointly. The unitedhumans will ensure that the costs are not always paid by the unitedhumans. The municipality must demonstrate that it is not in a position to bear the cost, or can take only part of the cost of the unitedhumans.

It is possible that people who have to move to live in a slum. This can have health but also legal reasons. The unitedhumans supports these people and help with the move.