Child and Familie aid

In many states, an unthinkable idea:

Children living on the street. Children have to beg for food. Children with and children without families are affected.

In some countries, unfortunately a sad reality.

For the unitedhumans this is of particular concern to help these children. After all, unlike adults, children can not change their situation themselves.

Therefore, the unitedhumans beds for these children. We also provide the children with food and drinks. We ensure that the children can go to school.

In families with children, the unitedhumans beds for the whole family. We give the same food and drinks and also ensure that the children can go to school.

Development without our help:
Street Kids (with or without families), they find it later in the slums again. The Street Kids did not attend school, thus can hardly read and write. These children have no chance to change their situtation.

Development with our help:
Street Kids (with or without families) have to pursue a real chance later in the life of a normal work. Thus the eternal cycle is broken (children are growing up, get even children are to Street Kids). Children can pursue a regular job in adult life and have children themselves, they will be send to school. So that the circuit is interrupted. The situation improves for the whole family.

But parents of street kids, we have to learn to read and write. Our aim is that the family can at least feed themselves.