The word slum is indeed ugly word.

We have decided to use that word here, because the situation for the affected persons is also ugly. Let there be no doubt.

The unitedhumans will improve the Situatonen, country-specific.

Even slums are different internationally. Some are clean and hygienic, but some do not.

These conditions must be changed because some slums are located near water. Be there. Near rivers or even seas The garbage dirty waters. Partial carries the sea the garbage at sea and so dirty the oceans. So we are simultaneously active in water conservation, if you will. Help the residents, as far as possible to eliminate the waste. The unitedhumans will take care of the complete disposal.

Furthermore, there are slums that can not be entered without danger to life and limb of our helpers. Here we will Serving and provide a risk free access safely.

In some areas, it is checked whether relocation is possible.

The unitedhumans support the affected as much as possible to improve their situation. Some just need a job, while others must first learn to read and write.