I am UH Ambassadress

I am UH Ambassadress because I am convinced that many aid can only be provided by a community.

Even I had hard times and feel for those affected. Personally, I wish that every living being lives in peace and harmony.

It gives me a warm feeling in your heart if I can help people and I feel responsible for a better world. My happiness I give you with any questions and I am sure with the UH also others to bring a little more happiness.

I believe in love, positive force and to the unity that we all belong together. Life is a gift from God and as a UH ambassadress I want to do my part. With good words and also very happy with promotional actions.

It is my personal concern to support people in need. I never want to give the impression that I order "SPECIFIED" or will be the focus when I hereby publicly admit me as a donor! I do this for one reason: To you on the less helpful to remind people that suffer daily!

Be you also there and help us!

You can reach me at: izmy@unitedhumans.de

IZMY - The Queen X-LILA

IZMY-The Queen X-LILA Youtube

IZMY - Broken Angel

IZMY - Broken Angel on Youtube


The fresh singer will launch her debut album and music videos soon. Her stage name IZMY, a name that will make some wonder. But in this case of this talented singer her personality is what you should be curious about. IZMY’s first self written single ‘’Broken Angel’’ was released February 2013 and she got the attention of the world-renowned producer-songwriter BEZALEL ALONI 2 years ago. IZMY decided to contact him. The two began working on exciting projects soon to be released.

ALONI is primarily known for his 30 years of work as the producer, manager and songwriter for OFRA HAZA, an international Israeli-born recording artist. But this Grammy-nominated producer collaborated with many others recording artists such as HANS ZIMMER, DON WAS, IGGY POP, PAULA ABDUL, PAUL ANKA, SISTERS OF MERCY, GORAN BREGOVIC, FRANK PETERSON and many more. It was clear when IZMY and BEZALEL ALONI met – the road to releasing new singles was paved. ALONI and IZMY joined hands and talent to create debut album.

Her stunning performance wins the crowd over and her energies are clear, just like her voice, a tune that will land her words into your heart. The combination of the wise production choices and her natural talent creates the spark of emotion that is so rare to find around us these days.
BEZALEL wrote and composed all the songs in that debut album and both hope to bring winds of joy and change, wherever it’s lacking and needed.

In brand new, complicated by director Robert Bröllochs (including Xavier Naidoo, Christina Stürmer, Silvermoon City) in cooperation with Camera icon Joe Dyer (Bryan Adams, Annie Lennox, Daniel Wirtz) masterfully in scene set music video, the story finds its audiovisual realization in impressive images. With the new single along with the exciting music clip and the noble cover artwork of Francesco Capuano IZMYs numerous fans across Europe expect an exceptional pop hit with fanfare, ecstatic beats, delicate piano sounds, which also has melancholy elements, and thanks to the special voice of the singer the unique touch gets to the dramatic tale of the "Queen X-Lilia" deserves. Looks best directly to the music video when on 29.05.2015, a week before the official single release goes live, and let yourself be inspired by IZMYs unique personality in combination with its oriental-inspired music! !