International assistance

Purpose of the company is the promotion of people in distress and in particular the care and support of homeless people and drug addicts. We also provide disaster relief (under construction) in the Asian region.


As part of this objective, the Company shall be especially active through:

Promotion in finding housing and financing
Assistance with problems at existing leases
Organization of group homes
Organization of group homes within the meaning of "assisted living groups"
Organization of group homes within the meaning of "assisted Drinking"
Assistance offices transitions
Organization of discussion groups of stakeholders
Support and treatment question of financial support from payers
Assistance in finding appropriate treatment measures
Ongoing trials
Performing structural measures, if necessary
Promoting in particular of Street Kids and homeless children
Cleaning and preventive health care in extreme slums
Support for children and open up the opportunity of attending school.
Support of teaching materials, unless otherwise possible.
Creating an Agency for Technical Relief, which provides technical assistance in the event of a disaster.
Provision and maintenance of technical rescue equipment.
Providing active helpers in the event of a disaster.
Education and training of active workers to prepare for a disaster, creating warning systems.
Mediation of prevention measures in schools and community centers, the establishment of an emergency center
Granting any support which makes sense to implement one of the basic tasks.
We would like to point out that this list is not exhaustive. If it corresponds to a charitable purpose and basically belongs to our general assistance, additional assistance may be additionally possible.

Furthermore, we also provide assistance in building structures. Prerequisite, however, is that without a structure one of the main tasks impossible essential complicated or pose a threat to our helpers.

Other / Cooperation / Partner

Beginning of the Telethon:
The UH United humans has been active for some time in Asia and Germany. However, only a small extent. This is due to the fact that the UH United humans has previously collected no donations. The UH United humans has financed solely from donations of members and of the purpose of operating the accommodation of homeless people and homeless people. However, the planned expansion of aid is not without donations is possible.

Cost situation:
We always try to keep our own costs as low as possible. For this we are willing to take fee-based services to complete, if the service ensures that the costs are more favorable in any case, as if we carry out the work itself. The savings will start in programming, goes beyond the server costs and administrative expenses for the payment monitoring.

Example donation system:
We have already integrated the paid tool Fundraisingbox. A separate programming would be very costly, as well as the additional care. The decision to use the Fundraisingbox was made to keep our administrative costs as low as possible. The advantages of Fundraisingbox: Integration of various payment providers such as Paypal, micropayments, Instant Transfer. Automated e-mail system. Automatic donation receipt creation.

Cooperation with payment service provider:

Paypal gives us a special conditions and you as a donor can then pay with Paypal credit, debit or credit card. Which payment method is offered at Paypal for you, is not in our sphere of influence.

SOFORT-Payment System:
We cooperate with Instant Transfer. Instant Transfer has granted us special rates. Instant Transfer is a popular service in Germany. 

Micropayment Direct Debit:
By working with micropayments, we were able to reduce our own costs. The automatic monitoring of recurring payments (members, permanent donors) and automatic execution of payments helps to keep our costs low. Availible with all € Bankaccounts in Europe.

Micropayment credit card:
By working with micropayments, we were able to reduce our own costs. The automatic monitoring of recurring payments (members, permanent donors) and automatic execution of payments helps to keep our costs low. Worldwide. Here in US dollars. Also in Euro to our German website.

Burda Wireless Charity SMS:
By Burda Wireless Charity SMS You can easily support us by sending an SMS. For the full support has taken Burda Wireless. The costs are very low here as well (€ 0.17 per SMS). Only in Germany!

Google has provided us with a budget of $ 10,000 per month maximum for advertising purposes free of charge (adgrants program only for non-profits)