Homelessness. A global problem.

In most countries, there is no information how many homeless people are there available.

In Germany there is a newspaper article from the year 2011. This report is spoken by 300,000 homeless, including 30,000 children.

Actually unimaginable. In a developed country like Germany so many homeless. Did you know this?
Did you know that there are 30,000 homeless children in Germany?

Each country has different laws and rules. But the population itself is very different. There are some cases where the homeless want to actually live like that. Then there are the homeless, which you can not help. The majority of the homeless can be helped, however. Mostly we just might prevent homelessness in Germany.

Nevertheless, there is a lot of work and it always falls on various costs. That is why we need your support, your donations.

We offer homeless living spaces. These living rooms are nothing special, you are for the purpose in accordance with: ending homelessness.

If the homeless again a legal address, the homeless can also participate in social life again. It is much easier to find an apartment with a work than if you live on the street.

Known to us simple principles of not help or not help wanting we reply:
No employer provides a someone who does not have a legal address. In addition, apply at any working minimum hygiene rules, which can not comply with a homeless man.
For this reason, can be done only with a rehabilitation of a legal apartment.