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We help people in need through various support measures, particularly the homeless, addicts and children. Particularly in the area of ​​homelessness, we break new ground. Our aim is to help the threat of homelessness to avoid. Unlike other institutions homeless do not go to us. We go to the homeless and offer help.

We would like to present our work and explain here the operation on the basis of rent arrears. The landlord has the tenant terminated for rent arrears and already filed eviction. In this case, the charge of the tenant welfare office is informed by the court on the eviction notice. Employees of the Social Welfare Office on request, go looking for the tenant in order to perform with this conversation and to find a solution. Unfortunately, in many places only once, this is possible, unfortunately mostly no different for the authority. If the tenant is not home, the social welfare office is no longer active. From this time threatening acute homelessness. The UH Unitedhumans is independent and flexible. The affected tenants, we will seek out and try to have a conversation. For this we are trying to tenants repeatedly seek until we could make contact. We are neither the owner nor of the city depends on us to take the more made to the requirements of the individual. We mediate to solve the problem between tenants, landlords and the city. We help to prevent with the application of a loan to the impending homelessness. In this example, there are four ways we are used. 1. The tenant announces itself with us. 2. The owner logs on to us. 3. The competent social security office checks in with us. 4. The court also has the option to let us know. Should we contact a landlord, the landlord is only required for giving us for our activity a larger time window gives as it is required by law. This means that, for example, an evacuation rests for 3 months and the landlord we are three months to clarify the situation. In return, we commit ourselves of course the landlord about the chances of success and its affiliates. In the event that the eviction was not decided by a court, the landlord, the process for the period of 3 months must declare Dormant.

Primarily we process any case in which children are also affected.

Also a placement in a group home is possible if, for example, a dismissal for other reasons has been made and threatens vacate the apartment. We also help with finding accommodation and with all the necessary administrative procedures.

The objective is basically to prevent or end homelessness.

Inevitably, there are also homeless people with other problems. We offer our services basically every homeless and try to help. This can be, among other things through the mediation of residential groups within the meaning of "assisted drinking", but also, if any, made by our own group homes. The same applies to auxiliary power addicts.

The homeless, which we could not help bringing us meals and beverages and clothing. Each homeless gets from us as many opportunities as he needs. We verweigeren no homeless our help, simply because he had that might previously rejected.

We support homeless people active in finding suitable accommodation and help in cooperation with the authorities in the financing.

Currently, we can offer our offer of help only partially. In Frankfurt our residential group home is already full. See also our projects in Germany, currently in Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden and Mainz.