Founder Letter

Dear reader,

I am pleased that you have found your way to UH unitedhumans and thank you for your interest in UH Unitedhumans. In recent times I have been asked more often how the UH Unitedhumans originated.

For many years prior to the founding of the United humans I have homeless people rented apartment space. So I wanted to make a contribution, to get people who have no chance otherwise a room or a small apartment in the housing market to provide precisely this. Although I thought I would do something good people, I was criticized by the municipal authorities over again because, of course, I do not profit did so, but to also take care of my livelihood. Many years just lived the interests of social support and mine side by side.

This changed in 2011. To be more precise, a week before Christmas 2011.

A week before Christmas 2011, I was back in the Philippines and it was approaching the time of typhoon "Washi", the most southern island of Mindanao coast. At this time I was with my wife on the neighboring island of Bohol. This Friday night, I can still remember very well. Since 2 days it had been raining heavily repeated - but this is not unusual for the season. Approximately against 20 clock in the evening (local time) the rain was getting stronger and stronger. My wife and I sat in a bar and I told her that it would be better to go back to the hotel again. The hotel was just across from, but no longer visible through the rain. So we stayed in the bar, with the idea that it's just a shower. When the wind began vigorously to sweep through the streets and Berstgeräusche were everywhere heard, we started to make some worries still intact out of this situation. Only after midnight, more than 4 hours later, the storm abated.

The next morning some of devastation were visible, but not so hard as on the neighboring island of Mindanao, as it turned out later. My wife's family lives directly in the storm region. However, were usable by the storm neither phones nor internet. The waterway was closed because both ports Cagayan de Oro and Iligan were severely damaged. In the news has been spoken for hours of a disaster. So we decided to go with a small amateur pilots to fly to the island of Mindanao. When we arrived in Iligan, the scale of the disaster became apparent quickly. Hundreds of homes were swept away by a tidal wave that had caused the storm. More than 1,000 people died in that one night. Those who had survived, had nowhere to stay or were in the ruins of the city for relatives and survivors. In the river valleys of the storm had wiped out an entire district and spilled the floor with a two-meter-thick layer of mud. Even today I can not remember this terrible smell of decay, lay over the whole area.

It is impossible to tell other people that incredible sorrow has come over these people. People who already not much in life, living in simple dwellings and who then lost everything in a single massive storm. Imagine once before, at a time would be your house or apartment, just go away ... How would you feel?

We went for a walk at night because we could not sleep through this experience, as well? When morning came, a dozen bodies had been washed up on the beach. Gruesome disfigured. But what do you expect; the sea is now time to marine life ...

I've seen even 5 days after the disaster not charities. No one was interested apparently for this disaster.

The real disaster came even later. Water. Can you imagine that what comes out of the tap at us can be for others a death trap?

Without water you die within 3 days. In a country where mainly well water is used, which was inedible through hundreds of buried corpses, water becomes a problem, a very big problem.

One day before Christmas my family decided to forgo the Christmas and to donate a small portion of the people. We would have to donate money, but who you want to donate money, if you see anyone who distributes the donations also to the needy? So I even bought water at bottling plants. I also the mayor of the hometown of my wife had put 2 small vices available. A handful of volunteers I have also organized and so is - if you like - united humans founded. The pictures that you see on our website have been all made by us. Everything is transparent - everything is real.

At that time I found for myself that it is more important to worry about his fellow man, as to run only the profits afterwards. I've seen Christmas 2011 that aid to the neighbor more than you can imagine.

At this point I want to thank the Mayor of Manticao and volunteers for their support.

This is what UH unitedhumans.

Thank you for your help my venerable donor.


T. A. Kluge