As different as the global disasters are also, these country-specific but are also completely different. In the Western world disasters are mostly connected with losses, however, are usually sufficient financial resources available to the emergency to alleviate.

But what if these funds are not available?

Can you imagine this?
A tropical storm destroyed most of a whole village. Some people die from it by flying trees, houses or parts and so on. Now these people have nothing. The personal belongings is annihilated, destroyed the house. Well, you think. The state is already helping. That's right, but, unfortunately, not enough in some countries. There are many countries in Asia, which would like to help, but it can not. The costs exceed the partially complete revenue of the state.

Aid organizations are not represented in every country.

However, a disaster hits, unfortunately, always be people who themselves have no chance to improve their own situation.

It is the children. Children can absolutely nothing for the cruel situation. Sometimes the parents die in a natural disaster, sometimes all the adults (including grandparents). These children we help are preferred.

What services do we provide those affected?

We help clean up after the desaster.
We bring clean water and food to the disaster areas.
We help with repairs when the houses were only damaged.
We assist in the recovery and burial of corpses.
Likewise, we offer discussions with those affected and also for the local authorities.