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We are pleased that you have found your way to us. Please take some time and find out more about our assistance.

We, the UH Unitedhumans gemeinuetzige GmbH, a non-profit tax-exempt charity and hence your donation is tax deductible (only in Germany).

- Children are a very important concern. Children can not help themselves. This applies even more for orphans.

- Disaster relief, especially in impoverished areas is also extremely important. We help clean up and also in the reconstruction. We take care of the survivors and help also deceased at the funeral.

- A global problem are homeless. They are available in every state. But in every country there are different laws that we have to observe. According to a germany magazine report Despite government protection are about 300,000 homeless people, including 30,000 children, in Germany alone.

- Slums are as diverse as the countries themselves, especially in Asia, there are countless slums where you gasp when you only think to spend there several hours. That is the sad truth. We help to improve the situation on the ground.

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Many more information on individual assistance can be found in the menu "Information".

We would be pleased if you support our work, especially our aid to children.

They lack certain information? Or do you want to know more?
Just send us an email to: info@unitedhumans.asia

You are from the newspress and have questions? Send us your request to info@unitedhumans.asia


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